Something very sad hapened to me.
The truth is that never, in my worst nightmares,
my absolutly worst nightmares,
did I imagine how hard it would be, how cruel it would be.

At the age 20, I had difficulty walking,
so I went to a doctor who eventually diagnosed that I was sick whith HIBM,
a muscular disease that would affect my arms
and my legs, and in time it would spead out.

So now, here I am whith for paralyzed limbs
and for parallel walls whith my Master's degree
and the seven langages I speak
but no language can tell my legs to move.

People delude themselves into believing
that National Insurance is some kind of Baron Rothschild.
They think that if something like this happened to them,
National Insurance would pay.

National Insurance is not nearly enough to pay the wage of even one worker...
And one worker cannot do this by herself: it's hard
even fpr two helpers to help me as I cannot do anything for myself.

If I want to drink I have to call them.
Il an eye lash falls down and is ticking my nose,
I have to call them to help me.
If the phone rings I have to call them.
And if something under my back hurts... I have to call them.

I have no cumputer. People ask me How do you cope whithout e-mail?
How could I afford it? I can't afford a book or flowers.
I love flowers but 20 shekel for flowers is a luxury for me.
Although I live in this room and I am here all the time.

What is your dream?
To dance in the streets shouting YES! I'm healthy!
I don't need anyboby! I did it! That's my biggest dream.
To count my fingers and toes
and see that everything is OK.
To use the stairs not the elevetor.
To walk and not to go by car.

You see that poster? (it's written I will win).
That's what I beleive in: that I will win.
But I can't do it alone.
I need people like you to help me.
Of course it is not your problem.
But I did not expect it to be mine either.
This is not the future I wished for.