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Céder ou non des territoires d'Erets Yisrael  ou une part de Jérusalem à des puissances étrangères : quel est le rôle des rabbins pour éclairer le peuple ?

Ici, Ici des déclarations rabbiniques halakhiques.

12 mai 2000
Les Grands Rabbins d'Israël Eliyahu et Shapira, associés aux rabbins Druckman, Melamed, Rabinovitch, Drori, Aviner, Lior et de nombreux autres ont diffusé la déclaration suivante :
"The rights and obligations of the Nation of Israel to the Land of  Israel are eternal, and no element has the authority to nullify the Jewish nation's right over any part of Eretz Yisrael. In these days,  when we hear words of weakness and the desire to give away parts of  Eretz Yisrael and Jerusalem, we call on everyone to take part in [the   rally], in order to strengthen the Jewish settlement presence in Yesha  and Jerusalem! We must be strong on behalf of the nation and the   cities of our G-d, and may we see the fulfillment of the prophecy, 'I  will plant them on their land and they will never again be uprooted  from their land." 

                                                       Honorable Gaon of Israel 
  The Great Rishon LeTzion Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, Shlita [may he live a long and good life] HaKablan St. 45, Jerusalem 

                                                       Shalom and Blessings, 

  "I was a young man and I have now grown old." I was born at a time when the Turks controlled this country. I lived through the period of the British Mandate, and followed the events since the establishment of the State of Israel. The  difficulties we endured are engraved in my memory, as I was personally involved in the developments. 

   I am writing this letter with a feeling that I don't recall ever experiencing before -- a feeling of fear and great worry  resulting from the persistent and firm rumors that the government is planning to change the status of the  neighborhoods on the outskirts  of Jerusalem, Abu Dis and Azariya, by handing them over to complete Palestinian  civil and military control. 

  "That which we feared has come." Beyond doubt, the consequences of transferring Abu Dis and Azariya to  Palestinian military control are a security danger to Jerusalem. 

  Intense and thorough analysis has led to the conclusion that the consequences will be the suffocation of Jerusalem with a Palestinian chain. Surely what we are dealing with is "pikuach nefesh" on a massive scale, and even when one  person's life may be in danger we are required to take extraordinary measures. 

  Military personnel who are familiar with the situation view this decision very gravely. It may result in endangering  the borders of Jerusalem. Shivers shoot up my spine when I realize that the situation may deteriorate and become  similar to that of 1929 and 1936-38, periods when the Arabs were not controlled by a governing force. They rioted and endangered lives. 

  There is no doubt that Shas can prevent this by objecting clearly and loudly. 

  During the last few days, my phone has not stopped ringing. I have received numerous phone calls from people  representing all circles of the population, expressing their apprehension and worry. Aware of my acquaintance with  and admiration for your Honor, they encouraged me to write this letter. 

 I repeatedly ask myself the inevitable question: How can we imagine Shas sitting tranquilly as the government, with the aid of Shas, will Heaven forbid return the neighborhoods surrounding Jerusalem? 

  Since the government will be discussing this issue this coming Sunday, it is imperative that the Shas ministers state their position clearly, that they object to any changes in the status of Jerusalem at this stage. 

  Please, please, we request from his Honor shlita, please do not let anyone endanger Jerusalem. Do not let anyone  endanger the hundreds of thousands of residents of Jerusalem. 

                                                                                                    Sincerely yours, 
                                                                                                    Menachem Porush 
                                                      (traduction Arutz7) 

 (IsraelWire-5/4) Leading Kabalist Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri has come out in opposition of a planned handover of Abu Dis to the PLO Authority (PA). It is likely that all the ultra-Orthodox parties will oppose the withdrawal. The United Torah Judaism Party stated it would wage a battle to stop the planned handover. 

Chief Sephardic Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron backs Religious Affairs Minister
Yitzchak Cohen (Shas) in his call upon neighborhood rabbis to "refrain from
issuing halakhic rulings on controversial national issues."  Cohen said
that neighborhood rabbis are elected to fulfill limited rabbinic duties in
their neighborhoods, and are bound by the same limitations that bind other
public-service employees.  He was referring to a recent ruling issued by
some 200 rabbis of the Pikuach Nefesh organization forbidding the transfer
of parts of Eretz Yisrael to foreign rule, for safety reasons. 

"The Rabbis of Kiryat Motzkin and Tsfat would do well to dedicate
themselves to issues of Kashrut, marriage, eruvin, and 'peace in the home,'
and leave the national political issues to the generation's decisors,"
according to Cohen.  He stated that he met yesterday "with the President of
the Council of Torah Sages, Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, who is a world-class
spiritual leader and does not hold an active rabbinical position.  Rabbi
Yosef repeated his ruling that the holiness of man is greater than the
holiness of land, and in a case of national danger to life, it is permitted
to return parts of Eretz Yisrael." 

Tsfat's Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu said in response that he would not be
deterred from expressing his opinions on national matters, and that it is
his right and obligation to do so.  "The Torah is complete, and includes
many things...  I would not advise the Minister to go the way of those who
used to say that the rabbi's place is only in the synagogue.  This is an
insulting approach...  I can forgive him in that he is still new in his
ministerial post - but he is supposed to be a rabbi as well."  Rabbi
Eliyahu said that the Chief Rabbinate has not discussed the issue, and
added, "We don't live in [a dictatorship], where a government official can
tell a rabbi what he can and cannot say.  Just as I am obligated to rule on
what is kosher and what is not, I am obligated to speak out on critical
issues, such as those that concern danger to life.  It is inconceivable
that a religious-hareidi government minister should take this stance." 
(Dépêche de Arutz Sheva du 28 octobre 1999).

Début novembre, autre élément au débat. Les anciens Grands Rabbins d'Israël Eliahou et Shapira, écoutés du camp sioniste religieux engagé, ont déclaré qu'il est interdit de s'opposer par la violence aux soldats qui ont reçu des ordres dévacuer des civils israéliens de territoires.

1200 rabbins d'Israël ayant à leur tête l'ex-grand Rabbin d'Israël Shapira et les rabbins Dov Lior, Zalman Baruch Melamed, Tzefaniah Drori, Nachum Rabinowitz, Chaim Druckman, Eliezer Waldman, Meyer Fendel, Sholom Gold, Shabtai Zelikovitz, émettent un psaq halakha décrétant qu'il est interdit selon la Torah de se dessaisir de la terre d'Israël, de démanteler les habitants de Juifs qui y sont établis. Voici le texte anglais diffusé dans sa version anglaise : 
a. The Golan is part of the Land of Israel that was granted to the Tribes
of Israel by the A-lmighty, as recorded in our holy Torah.  The Golan was
settled by Jews in the 1st and 2nd Temple periods, as our Sages tell us
(and as confirmed by Josephus).  According to Jewish Law, it is forbidden
to uproot Jewish settlements in Eretz Yisrael.
[b. The abandonment of the Golan involves a mortal danger for the entire
country.  Withdrawing from the Golan will not bring peace, but the opposite.]
[c. It is unethical to remove Jews from their homes that they have built
with self-sacrifice and at the behest of the state.]
d. Tens of thousands of Jews will stand against those who uproot us from
our land and who wheel and deal with our security.  Every Jew must take
part in the legal public activities and act with self-sacrifice to prevent
the destruction of the Golan communities. 
e. We call upon the government of Israel not to tear away this precious
part of our Land, and not to cause a split in the nation.
f. We call for a national convention of rabbis to strengthen the Golan.
"Let us strengthen and let us be strong on behalf of our nation and the
cities of our G-d."

Février 2000. Un événement

Un Forum pour l'intégrité de Jérusalem s'est constitué. Sa particularité est qu'il réunit les milieux religieux orthodoxes, les courants religieux sionistes, les organismes politiques des territoires et de la droite israélienne (Likoud, Union Nationale) et des partis de olim (Yisrael B'Aliyah). Il est même placé sous la présidence du Rabbin Menahem Porush qui préside l'Agoudate Yisrael, courant ultra-orthodoxe.
Le représentant du Parti National religieux (Mafdal, PNR) déclare que son parti ne restera pas dans la coalition actuelle si le quartier de la banlieu de Jérusalem, Abu Dis, est remis à l'aurorité palestinienne. 
L'action prévue est intitulée : 1 000 000 de juifs pour Jérusalem.
C'est la première fois que les milieux orthodoxes entrent dans le débat et l'action politiques unis avec les autres courants de la société israélienne : seul le péril qui s'exerce actuellement contre Jérusalem a réussi ce miracle qui marquera une grande étape dans l'histoire d'Israël.

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