Three pages

1. How to draw close to happiness, or become engaged.
2. The rules of happiness
3. The realization of happiness, or marriage.


The butterflies of Jerusalem

Ma yedidot michkenoteikha (Psalm 84,2)
How pleasant are Thy dwellings!

And the name of the city from that day shall be "Hashem is there".
(shem hair miyom Hashem shammah. Ezekiel 48, 35)
The burden of the valley of vision (Isaiah 22,1), gey hizayon.


Pérek Chira (link) teaches us that every aspect of the world, every animal, sing of The Presence that animates them. Then everything becomes a relationship.
on condition one is attentive to the presence and able to discover its beauty.
This is the teaching of this page.

Thus the purity and beauty of the butterfly express:

"or zarouâ la tsadiqim ou léyicharé-lev sim'ha.
Light is sown for the righteous and gladness for the upright in heart” (Psalm 97,11)
We shall see, on this page, the soft, sustained gentleness
that is needed in order to win the
trust of the butterfly and draw close to it, as when love blossoms.
As in the Song of Songs. Then what a concert!


Happiness is seeing, as I walk,
the beauty that settles around me every day.
the beauty which You scatter,

and in the butterfly You even gave us a kiss
If I am incapable of gentleness
it will fly away.
Love demands the daintiness and lightness
of its legs and antenna.
Will I merit such bountifulness?

Lightly, it turns to observe me and flies away
if I do not understand its fragility.
It turns also to show me its beauty, If I deserve it.
Thus with every gift of Heaven if my heart is not blocked.

When I see you, everything becomes like you, color and beauty,
the greatest painters do not match our union.
The entire universe is an eternal kiss
between Heaven and the caress of humanity.

With you, I am ready to begin
I am not afraid, you are capable of silent complicity,
we are pure,
a moment with you can last an eternity.
In Hebrew, we say: ashrei.

Our house is small but it is a palace
everything is soft and serene.
It is a miniature Jerusalem.

Only you have the right to come close to me
and discover my secrets.
They are softness and fragility.
Each one is a word from the Torah, a letter direct from the Great Palace.

There will never be boredom between us.
We will renew our gaze every month.
You did not know the graininess of my antenna
Or the yellow, so well hidden.
Every hour brings a tender prayer.

I begin to understand the Song of Songs
which teaches us how to see, hear, find each other.
Beauty is revealed to us.
Flee monotony, like the nimble roe
Open your wings, my Beloved.

And even when you close your wings and your color darkens,
I gaze at you with trust, I see your purity and integrity,
I am capable of waiting till you are at rest.
A moment of distance is no calamity.
I discovered, since the moment of Creation, many years ago,
the importance of time and fidelity.

Like the movement of the heart, you open and close, you want to breathe
Every hour has its prayer, its silence, its kiss,
You taught me that presence alternates
and nothing is ever ruptured.

I shall never cease to contemplate You,
There is trust and serenity in our co-existence.

I had not noticed that drop of blue on your wing
like the sea, like the azure sky, like the sapphire stone in our mystical texts.

You love risks. With you, I know,
You will never be like a stone, fixed and immobile.
There is no tranquility for the righteous,
you explore the depths, you probe eternity
you are sure of your invulnerability.
In Love, trust is assured.

But return close to me, life is fragile.
You forget, my Beloved, that I have wings and cannot fall.
I can plunge, fly, glide and I always land nimbly.

Are you trustful now? Can I discover everything?
The beauty of the world has no meaning if we cannot gaze at it,
and praise it.
It is a secret gift
But I know how to listen to it, Shema Yisrael,
We are a people who know how to listen and see the Presence around us.

I remember the words: “Thou who dwellest in the perfumed gardens,
the companions hearken to thy voice,” reveal your secrets to me.
I have learnt from you that they are infinite
And every letter of the Torah is a letter that must be unsealed.
It is a world of beauty, union and bountifulness.
It is in our heart or in the whole universe.
Neither politics, the stock exchange, wars,
or televised debates will reveal to us the Goodness we have been given;
it is here in front of us, with you, we simply have to look at it at every moment.
Why have I been given this secret?
I understand those who wish to steal this key from us.
But this marriage between Heaven and humanity,
they can never take away from us.
We are an eternal kiss.

Jérusalem as a pedagogical basis, here (page 2)

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